C5 Corvette SPEC Corvette Spoiler SCCA T1 Legal SCRSPLR-001

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Official rear spoiler of SPEC Corvette racing series, the G-Stream SPEC spoiler adds style and performance to your street or track car. We developed this spoiler to provide usable rear downforce while maintaining rear view vision and low drag. The C5/C6 platform is notorious for its tail happy nature when running the car at the limit. SPEC Corvette tasked us with taming the rear end on their spec cars without breaking the bank or requiring a front splitter. Once installed, you will notice an immediate improvement in rear end grip and stability, even in mid to low speed corners! 


  • CAD designed from 3D scanning of the C5 corvette bumper to produce perfect fit. 
  • Spoiler blade manufactured from military grade armor composite material to resist cracks from rocks at speed. 
  • SCCA T1 Legal as per GCR P/N SCRSPLR-001
  • CNC routed precision mounting slots
  • Billet Aluminum upright mounting plates internally drilled and tapped for a clean finish. 
  • Aluminum backing plates included for secure mounting solution
  • Installs in less than 25 minutes with simple hand tools. 
  • Includes all stainless steel mounting hardware
  • Total package weight is less than 6lbs! 

Performance Benefits

  • Increased rear end stability and grip from low to high speed corners
  • Does not require front splitter when running a square front/rear tire set up 
  • May require an adjustable rear sway bar to tune out understeer once installed
  • Minimal loss in rear visibility so you can still see your competitors behind you :)
  • Dollar for dollar, this is one of the best increases in performance you can buy for the money. 

Quality Craftsmanship